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At Access Physiotherapy in Brampton, we are dedicated to optimizing your physical well-being and empowering you on your journey to recovery and vitality. We have a holistic approach to care, and we design individualized, up-to-date, and progressive healthcare treatments for each and every patient. At Access Physiotherapy, patients of all ages can expect a highly professional, caring, and attentive approach; our only focus is to get you back to full health as soon as possible.

We focus on customer satisfaction, providing open communication, timely reporting, and documentation with your referring physician.

Our Services



Access Physiotherapy Clinic is a full-service multidisciplinary facility which specializes in the assessment, treatment, management..


Massage Therapy

Are you suffering from back, neck or lower body pain, chronic injuries or muscle tension? Then you’re in good hands at Access Physiotherapy.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a treatment for those who are suffering from a range of chronic musculoskeletal conditions.



Chiropody is a part of medical science that includes the evaluation and the executives of foot and lower limb issue..


Pelvic Health

Access Physiotherapy is a place where medical expertise and hands-on care come together. It is a place where our patients matter most.

Laser Therapy

It allows surgeons to work at high levels of precision by focusing on a small area, damaging less of the surrounding tissue.

Say No To Chronic & Acute Body Pain!

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Why Us

Integrated Approach

Our integrated approach enables us take a holistic view of patient needs and provide and outcome-based treatment.

Always Listening

Continuous monitoring of treatment progress with counseling calls. Pro-active grievance redressal to ensure to recovery.


Help is just a text away. 24*7 support for any query or concern for your appointment sorter an ongoing physio treatment.

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